Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let's hear from oxford.

1. Chanel Inspired Oxford Heel with Ribbon

We can't say no to this lovely oxford heel.This shoes is so comfortable to wear you can wear it all day long and wont get blisters. Comes in 3 sizes, one size per pair only.

Materials: Fake leather
Heel height: 2.5inches

size 37/ vincci size 6 *sold*
size 38/ vincci size 7
size 40/ vincci size 9 *sold*


2. Vintage Detailed Oxford Heel

I believe you can see the reason why I labeled it as DETAILED oxford heel. This shoes is imported from Thailand. and another shoes that wont bring hurts to you. As it comes with a comfy padding with no extra charges. =) So, bring it home NOW!

Materials: Fake leather w/ velvet
Heel height:3inches

size 35/ vincci size 4 *sold*
size 36/ vincci size 5 *sold*
size 37/ vincci size 6 *sold*
size 38/ vincci size 7
size 40/ vincci size 9 *sold*


3. The Supreme

This is the best ever oxford heel that I scouted. It's pure perfection! But I could only get one pair from the supplier as there're running out of stock in Taiwan. So, only fortune ppl could get this!

Material: need no explanation!
Heel height: 3 inches

size 38/ vincci size 7


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stylish Workforce

Material: Cotton
Colour: Grey
Size: sizeM
Details: A very stylish waist line and the pocket behind! It easily makes you to catch attention from the crowd! Grab this ho9me now at a very reasonable price:


Monday, June 7, 2010


(Top)Material: Cotton
Colour: Grey
Size: Freesize/ Fits up to uk12

(Bottom) Material: Cotton
Colour: White
Size available:Sizes available: -
S, M(model's wearing) and L,XL.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Zara Inspired Pant

Material: Cotton * superb comfy*
Fits: Freesize
Colour: Grey
-Stripe inner print!!!! You can fold the bottom up!*just like how the model's do*


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chunky Bangles

B001 -







RM15 each
RM20 for two

LV Inspired Wallet



Material: PVC/ Fake leather
Colour: Classy Brown and Shocking Red
Available: 5 available for each colour

RM 49

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Due to the overwhelming response, I have to update my blogshop from once a week to three times a week! My stocks have run out fast than i ever expected! This makes me keep calling my supplier and visiting the post office more than my own house! Anyways, thanks to ur support!

The next upcoming post will be:

-Accessories from Thailand


T 001

T 002

T 003

T 004

T 005

T 006

T 007 *SOLD OUT*


T 009

All the t-shirts above are fits uk 4-8 or size S and size M.
One for RM35
Two for RM60

Chanel Inspired Blazer with Sharp Shoulder

Material: Wool
Colour: Black
Fits: size S and M
Details: very thick wool with a silk inner!


Knitted Skirt

This skirt is made in Japan and it's 100% knitted!
A best outfit for summer spree!!!

Fits: size S or M


White short


Material: Cotton
Colour : White
Sizes available: S, M(model's wearing) and L.


I Love Badboy + Vinage Short

(TOP) Material: Cotton + Velvet (on love shape)
Colour: White
Fits: size S


(BOTTOM) Material:Thick Cotton
Colour: Aqua
Fits: size M
This short comes with a very unique colour and limited piece! Another piece that worth to invest!


Brighten up ur day!

(TOP)Material: Cotton
Colour: Yellow
Fits: uk6-8 / S and M


(BOTTOM) Material: Cotton
Colour : White
Sizes available: S, M(model's wearing) and L.


Shall We Dance + Harem Pant

(TOP) Material: Cotton
Colour: White
Fits: 4-10
Details: Stretchable

(BOTTOM)Material: Cotton
Colour: Black
Fits: Fits 4-12
Details: Stretchable

Very good quality! Made in Taiwan!!!!
A pant that u cant miss out in this season! It maches eveything!